The tree in changing light

Project Contemporary Artspace,  255 Keira Street, Wollongong                             28th August – September 8th 2013

A series of collaborative prints by Marianne Courtenay and Kathryn Orton.     Two printmakers, innumerable layers of ink, countless surprises.


This collaboration evolved out of a shared love of trees – their presence in the landscape, forms, textures, changing moods, their sense of spirit and place – and specifically, out of a morning spent drawing a stand of ancient angophoras in the bush above the Araluen valley, on Marianne’s property.

Working to an agreed format and (ever expanding) colour range, both artists independently translated these and other studies into printed works on paper.

Then the prints were exchanged and the artists continued developing the images, printing more layers over each other’s work.  In some cases the prints were exchanged again and worked further by the other artist. Along the way there were numerous discussions and digressions.

The final result is a set of works, which while standing independently as separate images, are far more than the sum of their parts when assembled together.